Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Walk To Remember

If you know me then you probably started shaking your head as soon as you read the title to this post. 

A Walk To Remember

Although I'm not very fond of Nicholas Spark's other books/films, this one somehow managed to make it as my alltime favorite book AND movie.

I'm not much of a reader so I've only read the book once (and a half) but you don't even want to know the unhealthy amount of times I have watched the movie.
My friends don't want to watch it with me anymore when they come over because I quote the entire movie line for line; shouting the character's words before they do and looking around the room to see if my friends are impressed by my mad memorization skills. (They never are)

Yes, it is a sappy love story movie full of kisses, tears, and romance. 
BUT there's also a lot more to the story and the characters that draws me to it.

So here's why I like it:

Jamie Sullivan

Ah. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie.
Her character is my favorite. Not only the character she plays in the movie, but her character's character. 
Lol, get it? Her character as in the role she plays and also her moral character?? 
Okay, not funny... Moving on.

Jamie's character inspires me. She has something that a lot of girls today lack.
She is always unapologetically herself. 
No matter how people treat her because of it. She knows who she is, what she believes, and isn't afraid to voice her opinion when she sees fit.
She is different than everyone around her. Weird, even. 
But she doesn't care and hardly even notices, for her mind is always focused on the more important things in life. Her faith and loving others. 
When people hurl insults at her and do everything in their power to break her down, she replies with a simple smile and a nod of the head. Nothing phases her. 

The love Jamie has for everyone and everything around her shines through her constantly. She extends love to those who deserve it the least from her. 
She extracts joy in times of her life no one else could possibly understand how.

Jamie understands the true meaning of life. Something many 16 year old girls, myself included, often forget.

Landon Carter

The bad boy. The rebel. The out every night drinking, partying with his friends dude. The popular jerk. He goes to church, but never truly buys into the whole Christianity thing. 
That is till he meets Jamie Sullivan. 
He finds her very strange. But something about her intrigues him. 
Unpopular, plain, different than every girl he's ever known in every way. But somehow he still can't take his eyes off of her. 
He had been with other girls before, believing he was actually in love with them.
But he didn't truly understand what love really was till he fell in love with Jamie Sullivan. 
Then his whole life begins to change. His habits, his friends, his goals.
All because of one girl that saw him for who he really was and who he could be. Not how everyone else saw him. 
One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when he tells his mom 
"Jamie has faith me. She makes me want be different; better."

Through her, he too, realizes the true meaning of life. 
He takes his eyes off the worldly things all of his attention was on, and focuses on the important things. Faith, love, and the true beauty of life.

We've all heard that "one person can make a difference" 
But it's true.
Maybe you aren't changing the whole world, but you can change one person's world.
To me, that's worth it. That's what life is about. 

A Walk To Remember reflects that truth, and that's why I love it so much. 
I didn't want to give too much information about the movie and spoil it so if you haven't seen/read it yet then DO IT NOW.

Lastly, a quote by Emma Stone that I feel relates to Jamie's character perfectly. 

May you always be unapologetically yourself, stand up for your beliefs, and never change simply because you're treated differently. 
Who you are is who you are.
How people treat you, is who they are.
And that, my friend, doesn't concern you. 



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