Monday, December 14, 2015

Another Poem || Scars

|| Sometimes the cuts once scraped upon the heart
Still haunt and torment you in the dark

You might wish for a hit to your flesh knowing that it will fade 
Because the wounds to your soul often remain for long after they were made

Our hearts will hurt and our hearts will bleed- but those scars are crying something lovely

They're saying "Look! I've made it this far!"  
All taking part in the story of who you are

They're proof that even though you were hurt, you still moved along
The tears once streaming down your face, built you up and made you strong

There's no reason to hide your scars, you're only to wear them proud. 
Tell your stories! Tell them loud.

Maybe you aren't who you were before your heart was hurt
You're like a beautiful flower, once growing up through dirt

So embrace the pain and let the wounds sting
for you never know the strength and beauty that this cut could bring. ||

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