Wednesday, November 12, 2014


"I'm talkin' 'bout my beeesstt frrieeend!"

I have lots of best friends. But this post in particular is about a very special friend in my life. Tristan. 

As of August this year, Tristan and I have been friends for four years.
We met one day during a ballet class at our fine arts school we've both been going to. We were the awkward ones in class who couldn't pay attention for more than five minutes without falling, cracking up, or getting distracted by something stupid. 

I actually have no idea what time of year it was when we met, but we exchanged each other's numbers and we immediately started texting almost constantly. (We were 12 with rad new slider phones, it was just the thing to do)

Since the very beginning of our friendship, Tristan has been one of the biggest blessings throughout my teenage years. Having a friend with the same moral standards and YA KNOW, PRACTICALLY THE SAME MIND, Is pretty dang awesome to have around. 

So let's talk about Tristan. First of all, she's absolutely beautiful. On the outside. But more importantly, she is absolutely beautiful on the inside. 
She is so very godly minded. The way she looks at life and how she strives to please our Savior in everything she does is extremely inspiring. She talks about things so openly and honestly without any fear. Whenever we have our "anythingandeverythingaboutourlives" talks, she's always very open and honest about what Christ is doing in her life. Something I've seen in very few people and admire very much. 
Whenever I have stuff going on in my own life and need someone to talk to, I know she's always there and ready to help me out. She tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. She keeps me in like and makes sure I stay on track during my walk with God. Which is the best quality to have in any and every friendship. 

Aside from being there for me when I'm hurting and crying, she's been there through all the other stuff as well. 

Most of my favorite stories to tell are trouble we've gotten into together and all of our awkward moments together. I would write them but honestly... you'd probably rather not know. (Two of them involving pretending to be asleep on the floor in target and very awkward public restroom situations with strangers.....) 
Let's just say.. we're both already complete messes. So... putting us together is very loud, chaotic, and crazy. 
We've had too many crazy fun adventures together to name them all. If you know Tristan personally, you know that's it pretty much impossible for anyone not to be laughing when she's around. She's very social and almost always a little ball of energy. ("Almost always" she also LOVES to sleep. ;) Her facial expressions and excessive use of "white girl phrases" are pretty much the funniest thing ever. 

Sometimes we get on each other's very last nerves. We know all of the other eachother's "buttons" to push to make us tick. But even after our little arguments we end up almost passing out from laughing so hard about the stupidest things. That's one of thing I love most about our friendship. How quickly we can switch gears. I have many, many 3AM memories of either sitting on the bathroom floor together at 3AM, on one of our beds, or outside just talking, crying, and laughing about life. 

Now above when I said "she keeps me in line" (Meaning through the serious side of life) she also keeps me in line through the silly side of life. One of her 100 nicknames I have for her is "Momma Trishan" because she acts like my mother while I act like the wild toddler at times. 

Tristan's friendship is a blessing to lots and lots of people and I'm so very blessed to be included in that. She adds to the joy in this little life of mine. I love you, behfran! Thanks for all you do. 

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